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Chat Rules

1. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. This includes:

  • Swear words are not allowed on chat, doodle, or in videos or pictures linked.  The F-word is an auto-ban while any other word that is used and is determined by the moderator or owner as inappropriate will be two kicks and a ban.
  • Advertisements on doodle, PC, PM, main chat, etc. Ban for 1 hour.
  • Any sort of racism or sexism. 1 Kick, then ban.
  • Trolling. Ban 1 hour then 24.
  • Finding or attempting to find a loophole in any of the rules. Ban for 24 hours then demotion.
  • Hacking/scamming/phishing. Ban forever.
  • Cyber Bullying. Repeatedly flaming a particular person counts as cyber bullying. Kick, then ban.
  • Asking for personal information. This includes addresses, city, phone numbers, etc. Your name and state/province is not personal information.
  • Glitched names that appear to be invisible are against the rules and are punishable by two kicks before a ban that will last until the user adds text to their name that a moderator or owner is able to click on.
  • If a user who is banned begins to multilogin the xat to continue talking, this is punishable by a demotion to the offender.

2. Use your head.

  • Do not say anything that you know will cause a fight. Kick if participating in the fighting.  Ban if attempting to start a fight.
  • Think before saying something you know will break a rule.
  • If you are unsure if something you say might be inappropriate, don’t say it. What you should and shouldn’t say is based on an owner’s discretion.

3. Moderator Rules

  • All other rules. Punishments are doubled for Mods who break any other rules (ban for 2 hours, 2 days, etc.)
  • Do not kick, ban, gag, guest, or hush somebody for no reason. This is considered abuse and the moderator will be temporarily stripped of rank as a time-out form of punishment.
  • As a mod, you must fulfill your responsibilities. Do not use your rank to threaten those under you.
  • PC somebody who is banned to find out their name. Do not kick or unban to find out.
  • Do not unban anybody who has been banned before asking an owner why the person was banned.

4. Owner Rules

  • Same rules as Moderator and Member rules. You may order those under you. All punishments for rules broken by an owner are tripled.
  • Do not mod somebody you do not know until you are given a valid reason to.
  • The only people who should be moded are: Those with a mod rank, those with a leader rank in a Top 5 army, those who are known legends (Veterans DO NOT COUNT), those who have been approved by a leader to be mod (Temp Mod), and those who are known legends in the overall community.  Asking for mod is punishable by kicking 3 times and then a ban.
  • Do not re-mod those who have been demoted or otherwise denied their moderator status.

5. Miscellaneous

  • Blackmailing someone to promote / demote somebody, either by word or with pictures, is not allowed.
  • You can only earn ranks by coming to battles and receiving promotions. You may not bribe an owner for mod. “Buying” a rank also counts as bribery. Ban forever.
  • Double and Triple promotions are reserved for those who have performed exceptionally well during their career. Double and Triple promos are reserved for members only.
  • Temporary Moderator is reserved for those with ranks between Captain and Brigadier General.
  • Temporary Moderator lasts for 2 hours, and 2 hours only. There is no possible way to extend your time.
  • Once you have been de-moded, you cannot be re-moded (TEMP MODS ONLY).
  • Performing personal tasks for an owner or main owner will not increase your chances of getting promoted.
  • Do not use any friendships with moderators and owners to earn any sort of rank.





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